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#ETHCC Paris Feedback and insights

Personal notes from the past crypto conferences & blockchain events by blockchain lawyer.

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Welcome to my blog! My name is Jamilya Kamalova, PhD Candidate, lawyer and currently a researcher in the blockchain space. I plan to share my thoughts and observations and insights from the blockchain space. I am open to research collaborations, please use the contacts form to get in touch. The first blog post in my blog I decided to dedicate to the past EthCC {5} that took place earlier this year in Paris. Scroll down to. take a look at the selected talks, an overview of the side events and useful links!

ETHcc Paris 2022: Location, venues, organisation.

The Conference took place at The Maison de la Mutualité, a centric Parisian location that included several floors of different speaker stages. Although the venue was spacious: including sponsor halls, food catering rooms, an open-air terrace and many more - the heat has made it very hard to enjoy the venue fully. Luckily, all of the talks were being broadcasted online and I personally ended up watching the end-of-day stream in the air-conditioned cafe nearby. The ETHcc brought a feeling of community and unity of like-minded people to the city - and this is the most important thing that any crypto shall conference strives to achieve.

(A lady with a stand "Web3 is a scam, change my mind" in front of the doors of the ETHcc venue. July 2022. Paris. Photo credit: @JayBuidl).

Side events, parties and meet-ups.

I would say that magic happens all around the conference, not necessarily on the main stage only. Events like that are always extremely busy intense days, it is a combination of brainstorming and networking and collaborations. For instance, I had the pleasure to join the meet-up with Konkrete Dao and discuss the topic of Women in #Defi together with a great colleague of mine Guangmian Kung. Had also been featured in #21millionsCapital France, where Clément Lesaege and I shared our thoughts on the state of blockchain #oracles.

(Women in #Defi meet-up organised by Konkrete Dao with Ava & Guangmian)

Work hard Play hard Great time at the Kleros party together with API3 (check OpenVino if haven't already)! Similarly, I had a great time attending the "We Are_" evening organised by Ledger and Circle that highlighted a closing dinner for the intense week of the ETHcc.

(Le Hasard Ludique, 128 Avenue de Saint-Ouen, Paris, France | Kleros x API3 | Bear Beers & Beats. Photo credit : )


The ETHcc conference closed with almost a week-long hackathon marathon, with more than 800 participants and 200.000 $ prize value. Check the details & winners here.


Surely one post does not reflect all the experience but hopefully shows that #eth community is very welcoming regardless of your age, background or profession. We all are learning, exploring, sharing knowledge and asking questions, so if you have been considering learning more or joining the space, attending eth conferences might be a good way to start!

Some of the talks from the #ethcc I'm rewatching now :

1. William George : An Overview of Voting in Cryptoeconomic Systems

2. Lukas Schor - Disrupting ownership: towards more scalable societies

3. Maria Milagros Santamaria Sederino-DAO Legal Framework: International Crypto Planning

4. Aleix Cerdà Cucó : Self-regulate: Don't give governments a chance.

5. Connor O'Day - New Applications for Quadratic Funding Let's connect! Follow me on twitter & linkedin and let's stay in touch.

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